Snowmobiles & ATVs

Snowmobile Tours

There are 3 main tour providers in Whistler for snowmobile tours. Blackcomb Snowmobile, Canadian Wilderness Adventures and The Adventure Group.

Blackcomb Snowmobile

Blackcomb Snowmobile primarily offers 2-4 hour length tours from easy going wilderness, family or scenic tours to tours that are catered to more experienced riders.

Price Range: $129 - $399

Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Canadian Wilderness Adventures offers a wide variety of tours from your standard easy – family friendly 2-3 hour tours to full day advanced rider, exploration tours that can take you deep into the back country to abandoned gold rush towns.

Price Range: $179 - $699

The Adventure Group

The Adventure Group offers a variety of family friendly easy snowmobile sightseeing tours with most of them less than 2 hours long. This company is the only company that also offers a fly and ride combination tour for those who would like to snowmobile and zipline in the same day.

Price Range: $189 - $259