Bus From Downtown Vancouver to Whistler

Bus to Whistler from Vancouver

Whistler Travel gives our exclusive recommendation for taking a bus to Whistler from Vancouver or vice versa to Epic Rides.

This direct, non stop service between Downtown Vancouver to Whistler village is typically a 1:45 trip and it is the service all the Whistler locals and frequent visitors to Whistler use.

They offer $35 round trip or $24 one way service between the 2 cities with no additional fees.

They don’t charge for luggage, skis or snowboards and they are the only company that let’s there passengers bring bikes on their bus, for free, from the spring to the fall.

Their relaxed luggage policy allows people travelling between the 2 cities to do so without having to worry about egregious extra luggage charges that other companies impose.

As Whistler locals who have travelled frequently between Vancouver and Whistler we have witnessed people being blatantly ripped off by some companies, having their trips changed at the last minute, being stuck on buses that stop in multiple destinations taking hours to get to Whistler or being charged excessive luggage fees when the driver shows up and doesn’t approve of how much luggage you have. That’s why Whistler Travel gives our exclusive recommendation for travel between Whistler and Vancouver to Epic Rides. 


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Other than their fast hassle free service, the reason why Epic Rides is such a loved company by locals and people who travel frequently between the 2 cities is because they came in to the market which was dominated by large expensive and slow companies and they changed everything.

Recent History

Before Epic Rides existed taking a bus to Whistler from Vancouver was slow and expensive. Greyhound could take up to 3 hours and they would charge you for anything extra. In the winter they cranked up their prices so it would cost almost $100 per round trip when you factored in all of their additional charges for things like skis and additional luggage.

Pacific Coach, the other main company that used to exist before Epic Rides used to Charge up to $150 per round trip.

Both of these companies were slow and expensive, they didn’t care about departing on time and they would stop all over the place so you would be stuck in a bus for hours at a time.

Once Epic Rides started they eliminated all the additional fees and all the stops.  Their price was about 70% cheaper than their competition and hasn’t changed since they began.

Round Trip or One Way

$ 35
  • Round Trip
  • Book Online
  • Daily Departures